• Robin Williams

Ola Tropical Apothecary Has a New Community Partner!

This month a portion of the proceeds of all sales of our Rainforest Collection will support The Kupu Project!

"Established in 2007 as a Honolulu-based 501(c)(3) non-profit, Kupu empowers future generations to create a more sustainable, pono Hawai‘i.  Predicated on the Hawaiian concept of “ma ka hana ka ‘ike”—in doing, one learns—their unique, experiential programs impart youth with leadership skills, a lifelong environmental mindset, cultural awareness, and civic engagement.  Since their inception, Kupu has provided opportunities to over 4,000 youth who have served more than 2 million hours to benefit our communities.  Among their many accomplishments, these youth have helped to clear over 100,000 acres of invasive species, plant more than 1 million native plants, and rally the support of thousands of volunteers across the state!"

Find out more about The Kupu Hawaii Project at : https://www.kupuhawaii.org/


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